Attain clarity and break through the noise of the complex financial system!

Many consumers today are scared and uncertain when it comes to where they should invest their money, and how to avoid fraud and schemes. “Retire Once, Retire Well” was written to give consumers the confidence to make wise choices and have the tools necessary to live the type of retirement they have always wanted.

If there was ever a book about retirement that was geared to improve investor’s knowledge to make good financial decisions, this is it! Don’t find yourself in a world in which you need to go back to work to support your lifestyle. After all, no one wants to retire twice!

About The Author:

Michael D. Wall, is President and Founding Principal of Wall Financial Group, Inc. He has been a guest on CNBC, FOX Business, WTAJ TV 10 and WJAC TV 6 News. He has also been interviewed for advice on columns in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, CNN Money, The as well as others. His mission is to help clients attain the freedom to focus on, and spend time doing, the activities that bring them the most internal satisfaction.